Modality Video Gallery


Video 1: Shimadzu’s 145th Anniversary 


Video 2: Shimadzu MX8 Mobile Xray System


Video 4: Shimadzu Trinias

Video 5: Shimadzu G4 LX edition

Video 6: Shimadzu Healthcare A.I. Concepts and Visions for the Future

Video 7: Shimadzu Radiography System, RADspeed Pro with a new POWER GLIDE feature

Video 8: SHIMADZU Smart Stitch

Video 9: Cleaning and Disinfecting Instructions for Shimadzu’s Medical Products against COVID-19

Video 10: SONIALVISION G4 User’s Voice and New “LX edition”
Features – Shimadzu Universal X-ray System

Video 11: SCOREChase KS 100 DSA YT

Video 12: Dr Annoni on Trinias versus other systems

Video 13: SCORE PRO Advance -Next generation fluoroscopy

Video 14: SCENARIA View Key Advantages

Video 15:  FLUOROspeed X1 edition

Video 16: Dynamic Digital Radiography

Video 17:  DDR Applications in Chest Imaging

Video 18: Shimadzu Solutions for Patient and Healcare Worker Safety

Video 19: Agility C-arm

Video 19:  AHRA Shimadzu Solutions for Patient and Healthcare Worker Safety