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Electromek has been a Shimadzu Value-Added Authorized Dealer for over 25 years

Shimadzu Corporation, founded in 1875 in Kyoto, Japan, and the parent of Shimadzu Medical Systems USA (SMS), is a global provider of medical diagnostic equipment, including conventional, interventional, and digital X-Ray systems.

Shimadzu Medical Systems USA was founded in 1987 with headquarters in Torrance, California, and sales and service offices throughout the United States, the Caribbean and Canada.

In keeping with the Shimadzu philosophy of “Contributing to Society through Science and Technology,” Shimadzu Medical Systems USA continually strives to bring competitive clinical solutions to our customers as with the world’s first mobile DR system introduced in 2004. Similarly, SMS has introduced some of the most advanced X-ray applications, like large-format Tomosynthesis, on radiographic and RF systems. Cutting Edge innovative solutions like Real Time Smooth Masking (RSM) and Trace-MAP on our Cardiovascular systems make the visual realization of regions of interest our primary goal.

To compete with the major domestic manufacturers, SMS provides products of the highest quality and reliability, as reflected by our corporate motto: Passion for Excellence.


With the SONIALVISION G4, Shimadzu offers the BEST in CLASS Multi-functional Universal RF System – one that is useful in a variety of examinations and examination environments, provides high image quality minimizing X-ray dose levels, and is easy to operate.

Shimadzu FLUOROspeed X1

FLUOROspeed X1 is designed for a wide variety of users in diverse situations, making it ideal for a multitude of examinations such as: orthopedics, radiographic studies, barium studies, swallow study, endoscopy, and much more. Shimadzu’s state-of-the-art digital imaging provides the highest image quality while minimizing X-ray dose level. The versatility of our system configurations make your daily clinical workflow faster, more precise and highly efficient.

MobileDaRt Evolution MX8

The newly redesigned MobileDaRt Evolution MX8 version was developed to provide users with multifaceted support based on Shimadzu’s extensive technology and track record cultivated thus far. A telescoping X-ray tube support column and other changes provide dramatically improved forward visibility during travel, while maintaining the outstanding drivability that has always been highly regarded by users.  We offer a wireless hand switch and other new optional features

Trinias Crossover Angiography Systems

Expanding the coverage of clinical solution, large FOV 12″x16″ FPD and multi-functionality patient table which supports flexible table positioning by tilting function become available. The bed side operations such as selecting acquisition modes, switching reference images and display layouts are integrated into the intuitive and customizable touch panel console, SMART Touch, which maximizes the efficiency of workflow.

RADspeed Pro

The RADspeed radiographic system is equipped with an integrated console that simplifies operations by combining the control console for the X-ray high voltage generator with the control unit for the DR system. You can prepare for the exposure and check the results from either the control room or the examination room, providing excellent workflow.