Radiographic Equipment

Electromek has been a Del Medical partner for over 20 years, providing x-ray equipment for hospitals, orthopedics, clinics, chiropractic, and veterinary clinics.

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The DEL Medical portfolio of products provides analog and digital general radiographic solutions to a worldwide marketplace. The company mission is to deliver quality and value throughout the complete suite of radiographic products, to aid in the diagnosis and ultimate treatment wherever healthcare is delivered.

DEL offers the DELWORKS T-Series and E-Series DR detector panels that will help you capture sharper images with greater detail and lower patient dose. You will be able to achieve optimized workflow and improved efficiency with full generator integration.

DEL’s design and engineering team is committed to developing innovative radiographic solutions with the most demanding imaging departments in mind. Del continues to introduce products with reliability and durability, as well as improved workflow efficiencies, configuration flexibility, and most importantly, financial value.

OTC18M Premium overhead tube crane system with LCD touchscreen

The OTC18M Radiographic System delivers enhanced patient comfort and optimized workflow. Precisely designed to withstand high volume throughput in hospital radiology departments, medical imaging centers and large orthopedic facilities, the OTC18M performs exceptionally well in a broad range of radiographic studies.

Premium floor-mounted system with LCD touchscreen

The FMT18M Digital Radiographic System was designed with features proven to optimize workflow, patient care, and technologist productivity. The floor-mounted configuration makes it ideal for smaller imaging environments requiring low ceiling installations, such as urgent care and orthopedic facilities. FMT18M systems are built to withstand medium to high volume throughput.